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When is TCM suitable/not suitable for your child:

***TCM is suitable for common ailments like flu and chronic cough but not emergencies and acute conditions.

***If your child has acute conditions, such as high fever and vomiting, it is recommended for him/her to seek western medicine treatment as TCM takes longer to take effect. TCM is also not suitable for cases such as appendicitis and fractures. In such emergencies, Western medical treatment should be sought first.

Physicians are generally cautious and often would not recommend using acupuncture on young children as children are fearful of needles and usually won’t stay still throughout the session.

What type of treatment is more suitable for a child?

Paediatric tui na (very different from adult’s version) would be more suitable for a child. Tui na is a non-invasive, gentle massage therapy. It has the same basic principles as acupuncture: both stimulates a healing response. Tui na enhances a child’s energy flow by massaging various acupoints. Paedetric tui na massage is soothing and relaxing for the child. It does not cause pain or discomfort. During the tui na session, the stimulation of acupoints regulate energy flow within the meridians and improve natural organ functions.

Sometimes, a visit to the doctor might be needed and Tui Na can complement western medicine and assist with recovery.

We provide TCM services at your convenience, whether at your home, your office, the physician’s home, or any other places where you prefer to receive your TCM treatment. Book an appointment with our physicians today.

Benefits of TCM for a child:

Paedetric Tui na can be used to deal with respiratory and gastrointestinal issues, such as the common flu, cough, poor appetite, diarrhoea and constipation. It can also deal with fever, abdominal pain,  bedwetting, allergic rhinitis and asthma.

TCM treatment can also help to strengthen children’s immunity. Children’s lung and spleen systems are weaker than a healthy adult. This compromises their immunity. A weak lung system increases the likelihood of respiratory illnesses, while a weak spleen system makes one prone to digestive illnesses. This is the reason why children are prone to catching a cold and stomach upsets. To boost a child’s immunity, TCM focus on strengthening the lungs and spleen systems.

If the body’s various systems are in balance, the child will not fall sick as easily. It is normal for a chilld to fall sick a few times a year, as their immune system is still developing. If the child’s symptoms are mild, it is best for the parents to let the child ride out the illness.

Other benefits of TCM massage for children:

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves sleeping patterns
  • Relieves constipation
  • Improves motor development
  • Facilitates food digestion and absorption
  • Supports physical and mental growth and development
  • Improve weak eyesight

It is best for a child to see a paediatric-trained TCM physician who is very experienced in TCM treatment for children.

Lifetyle tips you should encourage your child to adopt:

1. Maintain a healthy diet (Avoid cold drinks, too much fried, sweet or spicy food. Observe regular mealtimes)

2. Get plenty of sleep (At least 12 hours of sleep a day, including naptimes for a young child)

3. Don’t overdress children when it’s cold (Moderate exposure to cold train children’s resistance against external pathogens)

4. Catch some rays of sunshine in the morning when it’s not so hot (about 30 minutes)

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