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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture treatment involves the use of thin, sterile needles to stimulate specific acupoints which help our body heal naturally.

Acupuncture is based on the TCM concept that energy/Qi, circulates throughout our body along with our meridians. When we are healthy, our Qi is unobstructed. However, when the Qi flow is disrupted by an infectious agent or germ, or an injury, the body will be ill and pain may be felt. Acupuncture is a common treatment to boost our body’s natural healing properties. By improving the blood circulation in our body, acupuncture can help reduce body pain and treat illnesses.

***Acupuncture may not be suitable for those with acute abdomen, bleeding disorders, burns, heart problems, critically ill patients or if you are pregnant. Please consult your physician if you have any of these symptoms before undergoing treatment.

TCM At Home provides TCM services at your convenience, whether at your home, your office, or any other places where you prefer to receive your acupuncture treatment. Alternatively, our physician’s also provide TCM treatments at their home. Make an appointment with our TCM physicians today.

Benefits Of Acupuncture:

Research has shown that stimulating certain acupoints with acupuncture treatment can help improve our sleep. Acupuncture also promotes neurotransmitters and the release of hormones, which assists the functioning of our organs. It can help to boost our immune systems and adjust basic metabolic functions such as blood pressure and sugar level in our body.


Each session of acupuncture takes about 20-30 minutes. When the needle is pricked into the acupoints, a tingling feeling may be felt, but that’s perfectly normal.

**What to do before acupuncture treatment?

  • Wear loose clothing

**What to do during acupuncture treatment?

  • Relax and maintain a comfortable position. Try not to have sudden body movements as this might affect the treatment.
  • Immediately inform the physician if you feel dizzy, nauseous or have difficulty breathing during acupuncture treatment. This is known as “needle shock” and is usually due to anxiety.
  • Please let your practitioner know if you experience any pain or uncomfortable sensations during the insertion of needles so that proper adjustments can be made.

Ba Guan and acupuncture treatment, when performed together, can achieve the best therapeutic effect for some problems.

The frequency and number of treatments required depend on the complexity and severity of your condition, and also your demand for the treatment. Some symptoms can be reduced on the first try, while others may require more treatment sessions.



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