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We are always looking for experienced physicians with the skills to join our team. It is important to build rapport and trust with your clients.

Doing home visits is professionally rewarding. It is enriching. It’s a great way to diversify your practice.

If you have the skills and would like to contribute to society and you are willing to do house call TCM, bringing TCM treatments to patients we would like you on our team. Whether or not you are retired, if you can spare some time for these patients, we want you to join us. We are more than happy to let you leverage on our free platform. We do not charge any fees when you use our platform.

It will definitely be a good learning experience, so why not give it a try?

Join us on this meaningful ride and contribute to society.

If you are interested in joining us, please send us your application form. Feel free to call us if you have any enquiry.


Interested to join our team?

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Still hesitating? Here are more reasons why you should consider joining us.


Job application process:

Step 1: Fill up 'Practitioner Career Form'

Click here to fill up your physician career form

Step 2: Go through a simple interview procedure
Step 3: Successful applicants will be notified
  • A physician profile will be created on our website for successful applicants
  • Clients will be able to select their physicians using our platform
  • Our customer service will send you an SMS and email regarding the booking information

After application submission:

Step 1: Sign agreement and approval of application

After you have submitted the application form to us, we will verify your details. We will send a PDF document of your application form to your email, for you to sign as an agreement. Once your application has been approved, your profile will be displayed on our website and booking system.

Step 2: Myhealth portal

You will receive login details for your ‘Myhealth portal’ account. This portal is for you to input patient’s data.

Receiving a booking:

Step 1: Patient selects their physician

After the patient has book an appointment with their chosen physician, our customer service will send a SMS and an email to both the patient and the appointed physician.

Step 2: Booking Confirmation

The physician will reply to the SMS or email for confirmation. Once confirmation has been given, our customer service will notify the patient of their booking.

During the appointment:

Step 1: Visiting the patient

Once the appointment has been confirmed, the appointed physician will visit the patient’s designated location.

Step 2: Verify and update patient's information

During the visit, the physician is required to login Myhealth portal to verify and update the patient’s data and medicine records.

Step 3: Treatment and medication

Once diagnoses have been made, the physician will proceed with the treatment. If medicine is needed, the physician can place an order via Myhealth portal and make payment o the portal.

Step 4: Collection of treatment fees

Treatment fees will be collected at the end of the treatment session. It is inclusive of consultation fees, additional treatment fees and medicine.

Step 5: Delivery of medicine and follow-ups

If medicine is needed, it will be prepared and delivered to the patients within 24 hours. For follow-ups, please encourage your patient to make another appointment via the website. There is no booking fee.

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