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Causes of stroke:

Causes of stroke can either be haemorrhage or ischemic. Haemorrhageis caused by the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain, wherea ischemic stroke is caused by an obstruction within a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain. Both types of stroke will cause part of the brain to be oxygen-deprived and brain cells start to die within minutes.

Other than genetic factors which increase the risk factor for stroke, unhealthy lifestyle also result in higher chances of having a stroke. Emotional stress, working long hours without adequate rest, strenous activities and poor diet all are risk factors. Unhealthy lifestyle weaken the kidney and the spleen. This creates deficiencies of Qi, Blood and Yin, which causes the body to be overwhelmed by Wind, Phlegm, Fire and Stasis. So what results are stroke-related patterns such as wind in the meridians, liver yang rising, liver wind, stasis of blood, or phlegm combining with fire. These eventually block the flow of blood through the brain.

To treat stroke, physicians will try to eliminate the phlegm, remove blood stasis and tonify the kidney.


Treatment for stroke:

TCM can offer hope for stroke patients by helping these patients to recover and regain mobility, reduce pain, improve blood flow to the brain and speech.

It is important for the physician to get a detailed understanding of your medical history. The physician will then examine the tongue and pulse to understand the patient’s body condition. With knowledge of these, the physician can then advice on the treatment programme to embark on.


-What type of treatment is best for stroke patients?

TCM treatments generally used include acupuncture and herbal medicine. Acupuncture can help to improve daily functioning of stroke patients and provides an effective complementary treatment for assisting with stroke recovery. Acupuncture is quite effective in stroke rehabilitation if the right treatment is done. Treatment should be done promptly and be repeated frequently for reinforcement.


-What forms of acupuncture treatment are utilized in stroke recovery?

  • Electro-acupuncture involves applying a pulsating electrical current to acupuncture needles to further stimulate the acupuncture points.
  • Scalp acupuncture. Needles are inserted between the layers of skin on the scalp to stimulate local areas of the brain. It is more effective than body acupuncture when dealing with neurological conditions like stroke.

Results are best when an effective acupuncture system treatment is employed in the acute stage. Even for a hemorrhagic stroke, acupuncture should be used in the acute stage, even as early as the first day.

Certain types of Chinese herbs and formulas can also help the circulation of blood to the brain which helps alleviate symptoms and restore functioning of stroke patients.

‘TCM at home’ understands the challenges of bringing patients with stroke to receive rehabilitation at TCM clinics. Our TCM physicians provides TCM services at your convenience, whether at your home, or any other places where it is more convenient for you to receive treatment. Book an appointment with our TCM physicians today.

Adopt a healthier lifestyle:

  • Work and exercise should be suitable for your age and physical health. It should be accompanied with enough rest
  • Learn to manage stress-meditate, gentle exercise like yoga or tai chi
  • Adopt a healthier diet




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