Quek Su-An

Name: Quek Su-An

Gender: Female

TCM Physician Registration No: T1803555F


Physician Quek Su-An graduated from the TCM and Biomedical Science degree programme at NTU in 2018, and has been working full time in a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic ever since obtaining her license that same year. She sees an average of 150 patients each week for varying conditions such as gastro-intestinal issues, insomnia, gynaecological issues, stroke, and various acute and chronic pain related ailments.

Physician Quek has been studying a Masters’ degree specializing in Rheumatology as her area of interest is in pain management, and many patients seek her out at her clinic for acupuncture treatment for issues like injury, age or work related wear and tear, degenerative issues etc. For pain management, and many other health issues, she believes a combined approach of TCM, exercise, and lifestyle choices all play a role towards recovery.

Physician Quek Su-An’s bedside manners is appreciated by her patients, and she does her best to answer their queries with regard to medical issues as she believes that being informed will help patients make better decisions and be aware of their health.

– General Consultation/Check-up: $80
– Acupuncture: $40-$60
– Pediatric Massage: $40 (20-25mins)
– Tuina (depends on patient suitability): $15 – $60 (10-20 minutes depending on condition)
– Herbal granules medicine: $15/day, minimum 1-week course, delivery within 48 hours.

Service area
– West (Boon Lay/Bukit Panjang up till Quenstown/Redhill)
– North-West (includes Bishan, Toa Payoh)
(Physician Su-An gives a $40 discount for every second patient at the same location)

Home Service

Area of expertise
  • Acupuncture
  • Tuina For Children
  • Cupping
  • General checkup
  • North: North/North West
  • West: West
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Teochew
  • Hokkien

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