1. Why choose our housecall rather than going to the clinic?

We came out with the TCM housecall concept so that clients who require this service can receive treatment without the need to travel to the clinic. Our physicians will come up to your house or any location you prefer to receive your treatment-your workplace, your friend’s place or even at our physician’s home. It saves you time and is very convenient. Read more about us on our home page.

2. Is it applicable for emergencies?

It is not applicable for emergencies. TCM is just for health maintanence. You definitely should call for an ambulance in an emergency.

3. Who are your physicians?

Click here to see our physicians.

4. What are our operating hours?

Operating hours depend on the physician’s schedule.

5. What are our payment methods?

We only accept cash only. Payment will be made directly to the physicians after the appointment.

6. Do you need any equipments?

Physician will bring their own equipments.

7. Our cancellation policy

For any cancellation or reschedulling, you can send us an email 3 day in advance.

8. Is there a booking fee?


9. Can you book directly from the physicians subsequently?

Booking will be done on our site.

10. Will medication be provided?

If medication is needed, it will be delivered to your house.