TCM home services

What is “TCM Home Services”?

We hope to make TCM services more accessible in Singapore. Hence we came up with ‘TCM home services’. We provide TCM services in your home, or anywhere at your comfort-your workplace, your friend’s place, any place you would like to receive treatment at.

We think that no one should ever neglect their health just because they find it inconvenient to go down to a TCM clinic to seek treatment. Physician Liau-Ex CEO of a public free clinic society has brought to our attention that TCM isn’t as accessible as it should have always been. Through interacting with his patients, physician Liau Vui Hon said that some of his patients have shared with him that it is difficult for them to seek traditional Chinese medicine treatment promptly. For some, it is definitely more taxing for them to travel, especially for the elderly or the physically handicapped. Whereas for others, they simply didn’t have the luxury of time with other commitments. Not everyone is able to go down to a TCM clinic to seek treatment. But it is very important to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent the condition from deteriorating and to heal faster. By bringing TCM services to your homes, at your doorstep, we hope to make Traditional chinese medicine more accessible.

A healthy family is a happy family. We believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment should be accessible to all, at your most convenience. We cater to all who wish to receive treatment at their homes. Our team of dedicated physicians will bring TCM treatments to you. No more worries about traveling, our physicians will come to your desired location, whether at home or elsewhere, wherever you would like to receive TCM treatment.


Alternatively, if you find it more convenient and you would prefer to seek TCM treatment at the physician place, our physicians also provide TCM treatments at their homes.

Your Health, Our Happiness~
How to request a physician with us?
Step 1: Search For Your Preferred Physician on 'Choose your Physician' page.
Click onChoose your physician.
Step 2: Send in your booking
After you decide on which physician you want, you can click on ‘Book Now’ to book an appointment with the physician by sending in an online booking form. You may call our customer service hotline number +65 8838 0063 if you would like us to help you book an appointment.
Step 3: You will receive a call and a confirmation
  • Our customer service will make an confirmation to your require for your selected Physician
  • An email and sms will be sent to you showing your booking details
  • Our customer service will call you 1 day before your appointment as a reminder
Step 4: Day of Appointment
  • Your physician will visit at your registered address
  • Payment can be made directly to the physician
  • If medicine is required, instruction will be given by your physician on how to collect the medicine

Benefits of TCM

TCM treats the mind, body and spirit as one. Treatment usually includes a combination of medicinal herbs, nutritional therapies and physical treatments such as acupuncture, cupping, massage or tuina. It helps to balance and improve the Qi flow in the body, which is crucial for our health, as well as helping to boost our immune system. If yin and yang of the human body separate from each other and cannot aid each other, life comes to an end. That is why balancing hot and cold, tight and loose, sleep and wake, food and water, etc., is the main goal of TCM modalities. When our body is unbalanced, we experience pain, illness or disease. When the balance is restored, these symptoms dissipate, hence TCM is here to play its role.

TCM home services we provide:

We provide a range of TCM services for you. If you require tuina, acupuncture, cupping or even a general checkup to get a summary of your health condition. Our experienced team of physicians provide these treatments.


Stimulate specific acupoints to boost your body’s natural self-healing properties


Improve Qi flow by dispelling blood stagnation

General Check-up

Assessment of your body’s overall condition to address the root of the problem

Tui Na

Pressure is applied to remove blockages that obstruct Qi flow in the body

We Are Proud

We are proud to be featured and mentioned by Singapore’s Finest Services, TheFunEmpire and . We will continue to provide our service to anyone who needs help.

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What to expect on the first visit:

Our physicians would like to learn as much about your health as possible, such as your medical history, your family medical history, previous treatments you have tried. They may also ask about your diet and lifestyle. With accurate and detailed information of your health condition, they are able to prescribe the most suitable treatment for you.

4 basic things your physician will do is observe your face colour and tongue, listen to understand your condition better , ask questions about your health and feel your pulse. Based on the possible cause for your condition, and frequency of it recurring, they can diagnose the best treatment for you.

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